Join Larry Black's Birthday ride to DC 7/2

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    For Immediate Release Contact: Larry Black
    June 28, 2004 301-919-4663

    Join Larry Black, the popular owner of College Park and Mt Airy Cyclerys
    on his 44 mile ride from Baltimore to Washington DC to meet DC Mayor
    Anthony Williams as a part of the third annual National Mayors' Ride.
    Larry will be doing the ride on a late 1800's HiWheel bicycle!! And he
    is doing so to celebrate adding a fourth year to the half century mark.

    Since Larry's bike moves at 10-12 miles an hour and it will be rush hour
    when he leaves for his 12 noon meeting at DC City Hall, he needs a
    supporting cast who can give his ride the strength of numbers. Larry
    will even reward all those who help with refreshments and you will get
    mention at the NBG Mayors' Ride schedule. Contact Larry at
    [email protected]

    Mayors' Ride:
    College Park and Mt Airy Cyclerys: