Jonathan Vaughters and John Kerry !

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    While attention has been focused on hockey mom, moose-slayer and barracuda-like basketball player Sarah Palin, two cheers for the former presidential candidate John Kerry, who, at the age of 64 has been exhibiting impressive credentials as a cyclist - a skill which may not cut much mustard with huntin' and shootin' folk, but shows that he has fully recovered from a bout of prostate cancer.

    Kerry turned out in full Lycra gear for a spin in the mountains while attending the Democratic convention, an exploit which duly impressed local racer Jonathan Vaughters, as recounted in his blog: "Anyhow, after a great two-hour ride, some very hopeful conversation about how government can help cycling become more popular and a real weapon against ... obesity [and] pollution ... I gotta say I kinda like the guy ... politician and all." What Republicans would have made of Vaughters' assertion that the Massachusetts senator "seemed really excited to be wearing cycling clothes [and] his legs were shaved" is another matter