Jordan Rubin's Academic Credentials Questioned

Discussion in 'Food and nutrition' started by Amy McCall, May 25, 2004.

  1. Amy McCall

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    Having spent a good deal of money on Garden of Life
    products, largely based on owner Jordan Rubin's credentials
    as a nutritionist and Phd as well as claiming to have made a
    miraculous recovery from Crohn's Disease based on his
    principles, I was quite disturbed to see a report on the
    local NY news last night looking into just who Jordan Rubin
    is---Seems Mr. Jordan's Phd and his NMD (naturopathic MD)
    degrees were attained with correspondence courses at two
    diploma mill-type schools which nobody has ever heard of. He
    has admitted to never having attended any classes. In my
    mind, this places into question everything about Jordan
    Rubin's backround, including his alleged miraculous recovery
    from Crohn's Disease, and, most importantly, the integrity
    of his products. If he has been deceptive about his academic
    credentials, I cannot trust his claims about his company or
    his products.