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  1. perhaps have less self-control than McDonalds-scarfing Fattie bike racers.

    By Jeff Jones


    The break of the day happened after just five kilometres, when German time trial specialists Thomas
    Liese (Team Coast) and Michael Rich (Gerolsteiner) attacked and were chased by Vincent van der Kooij
    (BankGiroLoterij) and - of course - Jacky Durand (

    Durand won this race in 1992 in a long solo breakaway


    Durand was in a break w/ Thomas "the Train" Wegmuller and dropped him on one of the last bergs.
    Riding a breakaway with The Train is a world apart from going it alone.

    Jones must be dipping into his Pot Belge inventory. I still haven't received the stash I'm supposed
    to use to prepare for Masters Nationals.

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    > I typed one word too many...

    Careful, Doc, don't wanna use up your 2003 quota too early. Did we agree on a million?

    John Stevenson
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