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    Hi guys. Just came in from a good ride, or -was- it?
    Now i *can* ride off of a curb:D. BUT here's my problem:
    I *CANNOT* get as high as i want or go as far as i want while i'm still
    in the air. Any tips?


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    just do a rolling hop off it, you'll get better with practice, or if you
    want more air just hit bigger drops

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    jpkahoosbt wrote:
    > Hi guys. Just came in from a good ride, or -was- it?
    > Now i *can* ride off of a curb:D. BUT here's my problem:
    > I *CANNOT* get as high as i want or go as far as i want while i'm still
    > in the air. Any tips?

    Start small, then work your way up. You'll eventually be able to air
    as big as you want, but you'll have to get there slowly... it took me
    three months of practice to be able to rolling hop onto a bench, and I
    still have a ways to go to get where I want to be...

    You've made good progress with riding off a curb. Stick with that and
    use that as your "measuring stick" of progress. Try hitting the curb
    faster. See if you can clear both the curb and the gutter... try
    taking off from the curb with your pedals in different orientations
    (i.e. chocolate foot down, or at 3 o'clock, or try your opposite foot
    down) and see what works best.

    Once you find a pedal orientation that works (for me, it's with my
    chocolate foot at about 4 or 5 o'clock), find out how to hit that
    orientation repeatedly... ride at the curb at an angle then turn and
    jump when the pedals are just right. Once you've got this dialed in
    you don't have to worry about it anymore. After a few months of
    practice you won't even think about it... you'll just "feel" when the
    pedals are lined up.

    Also work on lifting the unicycle when you hop... bend your knees, lift
    your legs. Once you've got the lift down try tucking your body to get
    even more lift. Try and get your knees up to your chest (even if you
    don't, it's what you want to think about when jumping). Once you're
    clearing the curb and gutter, try it backwards... try airing onto the
    curb. Then find a small one or two stair set and go from there.

    Good luck! Let us know how you progress...


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  5. maestro8 wrote:
    > (i.e. chocolate foot down, .... (for me, it's with my chocolate foot at
    > about 4 or 5 o'clock)

    I must've missed something here...what the heck is "chocolate
    foot?":confused: :confused:


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  7. litldude2

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    I think its your dominant foot.


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  8. James_Potter

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    its sometimes called your sweet foot, its when your feet are in the
    correct position for hopping.

    anyway, how good are you at doing rolling hops on flat? maybe you
    should work on those, and getting them under control really well, and
    try to go higher...then do it off curbs.


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