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Dec 14, 2006
Warmer weather is coming to the Northern Hemisphere (and it has stopped raining for awhile) and it is still warm in the Southern Hemisphere. Therefore, there is a lot more cycling going on now than at any other time of the year. Since most of the members of this forum would rather be riding than sitting in front of their computers, please be a little more patient waiting for replies to posts. Well, its time to ride. Bye!
Nice post it took 7 years for someone to reply in lol o_O

Ha! Now that is what we call irony.

The original poster does have a good point though. People on forums like this lead fairly active lifestyles, at least I would assume so. A lot of us would rather be on the road or forest trail than sitting at the computer and refreshing the front page of Cycling Forums.

Ironically though, that's exactly what I'm doing today as we've got some bad wind and thunderstorms rolling into the area. That's the only downside of summer time. The sun is out and the weather is great for riding, though there is a 50/50 chance you're going to have a random thunderstorm roll in.
Nice post it took 7 years for someone to reply in lol o_O

Hahaha! Thanks or giving me a good chuckle and for finding this gem to post in. April to May is definitely the quieter time of the year in terms of online activity in forums involving sports/active lifestyle.
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Actually, the poster has got some good points as most of us that takes time to ride can be out there catching fun and the readers should try to understand. When some questions ain't answered, there is need for patience since that is the only way we can work like family in here.

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