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Zen Existence

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Jul 2, 2005
Afternoon, all.
I'm new to this forum and am getting back into riding road after a decade off a road bike. I've done a fair amount of commuting here where I live (Tampa, Florida) and a small amount of trail riding but after arriving at my 35th birthday last month I was hit by the road bug again. Did this resurgance of personal interest come from a serious dose of media coverage due to the upcoming Tour combined with an urge to mix it up with 'the roadie youngsters" blasting by in lycra?
Sure, I'd be a liar to say it didn't.
Also, I realized that there's a dimension to road riding that I just don't experience from a commute or from riding a trail, and I miss that.
So, long story short, I started searching online for a decent road bike and stumbled across this forum. After reading a good many posts here I think I've found a pretty diverse and interesting online community that shares similar tastes. And that is pretty damn cool.

Thanks for letting me bend your ear, err, eyeballs,

PS If anyone has a lower-priced 52-54cm road bike they're looking to part with, feel free to PM me. Major repairs on my truck drained me, so the cheaper the better. It doesn't have to be pretty, just functional.