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Discussion in 'Bike buying advice' started by MrsPotsy, May 27, 2014.

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    Hi Everyone,

    I am just coming back into cycling, after 18 years...and 2 kids....and many pounds...

    I am looking for a bike I can ride on the roads with my 4 year old, and something I can go on light trails with my 17 year old. I used to ride a mountain bike on the road and it never bothered me, but that was long ago there weren't crossover/hybrid options.

    So... Do I go back to a Mountain Bike or move to a Hybrid? I have been to 2 local shops and have tried 3 bikes. I really liked the feel of a Specialized Ariel Disc. It seemed to fit the best. I tried a Giant, but it was too small (the shop didn't have the right size). I also tried a mountain bike with 29" tires, it felt awkward. The one shop is building me a Norco to try, but I wonder

    Is Specialized worth $250 more than Norco, if it fits too? Any other brands I should look at?

    Also does anyone have a hybrid, do the tires handle light trails ok? I worry about the smooth(ish) middle of the tires and dirt trails.

    Mrs Potsy

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    It's nice that you've already found a bike that fits you well. Keep in mind that the ariel comes in a lower-priced version with rim brakes rather than disc brakes. I would recommend the rim brake version, upgraded with kool stop pads. With the kool stop pads, the rim brakes will work better than discs, cost less money, and you'll have a quieter bike.

    I don't recommend a 29" mountain bike for road riding at all. The wheels are much heavier. They're designed to roll over rocks and bumps off road.

    The ariel seems like a fine choice. You can actually go with narrower tires: 28 or 32 eventually if you want a little more speed in the future. Just trust me on the brakes. :)