Just got a Thule Bike Carrier and have ??'s


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Jun 6, 2005
I recently got a DrawTite 1/4" hitch installed on my car
and bought a THULE 2 carrier bike rack. This is my first
hitch mounted bike rack after using only trunk mounted bike racks,
hence my ignorance. :D

When driving with 2 bikes on it, the rack seems like it moves around quite a bit - front to back, side to side, all around. Not a huge amount, but enough to worry me and ask about it. It also makes these aweful clunking and clanking sounds, like metal on metal. Is this normal for a hitch mounted bike rack ?? Is it supposed to move around and have play and make noises like I have described ? I have checked the hitch itself and all the bolts are nice and tight, as is the bolt holding the rack to the hitch. Any info is greatly appreciated !! Thanks !!