just had CS Surgery

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    Jan 23, 2013
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    I have had a horrible run the last few years with diagnosing CS, although i am glad now that i have had the compartment release surgery.
    I had the pressure test done about 3 months ago which gave me a reading of 70 after exercise.... this meaning i had CS, this sports doc referred me to Dr. Alan Turnball who did my CS Compartment Release surgery... he told me i will be having a speedy recovery as the surgery is no where as bad as what it was in the past... i had both surgeries done to be sure i will not have any problems again...

    Today has been the worst in terms of recovery they are sore, although i am still able to walk to the toilet with assistance....i have kept them elevated and icing occasionally... My left leg is a lot more swollen then the right leg...

    will keep you posted in my recovery.