Just have to brag ---- my website is up



Hi Guys

I made use of the free 20Mb that mweb offers and built a website. Go and have a look

Keep those wheels spinning!!!!

Big H

Nice one Big_h :)

Now if I can just convince my wife to ride a tandem with me :D
Hey cool site and thanks for the link at the end of your page ;D
Way to go, BH! You seem to be a man with many skills!
That little place in the Vrystaat you talk about, now that looks like the spot to be! 8)

We used a Tandem (defined as a whole bicycle) from a friend of ours (the one in the picture we eventually bought!!!!) to ensure we are "compatable". With Tandems you have one of two things..................you ride straight into a new honeymoon or you ride straight into the divorce court. A can be seen on the photos we are compatible, I only wish we discovered this twenty years ago. We would have been (more) competative.

We both started cycling a year and a half back. My wife stayed the "fun" cyclist with no inclination to compete or better her times. I kept on trying to become better. The problem arose when we pratised either I had to do it alone or ride at her slower pace. That was very frustating. What I did not know is that I unleashed a MONSTER!!!!. SHe is now the one who wants to go and ride a golden medal Jock!!!!! We are now running at about the same average speed (29km/h in the 94,2) I was racing at when I still raced with my half a bike.

One thing I can warn you though is that once the worm starts to turn, as it has with you, it is very dangerous. It WILL keep on turning till you have your own whole bike.

Keep those wheels spinning....see you soon with your spanking new tandem!!!!!!

Big H
Big_h you should add a link to your site in our link directory :)
Nice one Big H, I think I'm gonna show the wife, maybe she says YES ;)
Big H - nice website!

Sitting here in the dull wet UK and seeing the sun set an zebra photos made me long to return to SA...