Just tested my 2nd generation GUNI hub!

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    I finally got my 2nd generation hub -- the first generation hub that I
    rode for a few months developed some problems. Unlike the earlier
    models, with six pins inside the hub, this model has 12, so shifting is
    much smoother.

    I was eager to try it out and took it for a short spin that turned into
    2 miles. I was amazed to find that even after a six-month hiatus, I
    never UPD'ed even when down-shifting, which I used to find pretty
    tricky. I probably shifted a dozen times with no troubles.

    There is even less slop than there was with the first hub, and that's
    saying something because the first hub was already pretty slop-free.
    With the newer hub, it felt like I was riding a regular 29" uni and
    then like I was riding a "regular" 45" uni. I never felt the wiggling
    or bumping that some geared unis have had.

    I only managed to get it up to 16.7 mph -- I had had a long day, riding
    my Coker over 25 miles including 3 trips across the Brooklyn Bridge
    after riding about 17 miles yesterday -- but I think that when I feel
    comfortable on it again (and not so tired), I'll be able to reach
    speeds about 20% greater (my top speed on the old hub was 21 mph).

    Bravo, Florian!


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