Just Two Weeks Left for Stage 1 of Benchmarking and Rainy Day Series!


Kevin Knorpp

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There are just two weeks left to join stage 1 of the
Benchmarking and Rainy Day Race Series! Join us!


While many people "hang-up" their Computrainer during the
racing season, some of us continue to use our Computrainer
for monthly time-trials to gauge our fitness because of the
ability to control the time trial conditions for a more
accurate comparision from time-trial to time-trial. To add
an element of interest to these monthly time-trials,
Performance Central is hosting a summer benchmarking series.
Here is how it will work: Participants will ride the 8 mile
2% course at Performance Central once per month at their
choosing. A monthly "snapshot" will be taken of the
performances and posted just like the TT series results are
posted. Riders will be able to see their own progress and
well as progress against other participants. Additional
details available at


Inclement weather or a busy schedule keep you from
riding outside? Join us for the 2004 Rainy Day Race
Series! The series consists of five monthly time trials
from April to August:

April - 21 Mile Rolling (NOT 20 Mile Rolling)

May - New 40km

June - Kingston 19mi

July - Winsta32

August - 41.8km Columbia Maryland

For maximum flexibility, participants may ride and submit
their performance anytime during the month assigned for each
course. The deadline for submitting each month's performance
is the last day of that month. Results for each month will
be posted on the second day of the following month. While
participants may choose to ride any number of the time
trials in the series, only those participating in every time
trial will be eligible to win the general classification for
the lowest overall time. Additional details available at