Just what we need!!


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Jan 29, 2003
I recently participated in a survey where they asked what we would like to see more. This was one of the things I asked for. A tour in Gauteng that the normal cyclist can also partake in...Unless there is one that I do not know of.

This should be an interesting thread...Well done steve :)
What kind of tour in Gauteng are you looking for?
Multiday recreational?
Gauteng is not very big and not much to see - although a nice route could be devised around the Magaliesburg - Hartbeespoortdam - Pretoria - Babsfontein - Heidelberg areas.

I'm thinking about riding down to Durban from Gauteng the week before the Tour D'urban.
Probably going through the Freestate and the Oliviershoekpass into KZN. This should be a very nice tour. Let me know if you are interrested.
Hi Johann,

You are right when you say there is not much to see, but the areas you are mentioning is very nice and scenic. For the recreational cyclist to do a tour of more then 3 days he needs to do a trip down to Durban like you are planning.

I think that most cyclist would like to have a tour over 3 days to see if they are capable of doing it (in racing conditions) and what their times, avg etc. would be.

As for your offer, unfortunatly I'm very "new" to the cycling part and would need some time to do even a century..but thanks for the offer :)