Karrimor Clip - Pannier "Mushroom" Clips


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Apr 14, 2011
I am the proud owner of a pair of Blue Karrimor Iberian Panniers which are in excellent condition.

However, I can't use them on my new bike as I need a pair of the black plastic "mushroom" clips that fit on the rack strut and hold the panniers on.

I've read that it's impossible to buy them from Karrimor since their bankruptcy etc.

Does anyone have a pair they aren’t using please. I'll pay your postage etc.

Cheers - Joe
Dear Joe

I too have a pair of Karrimor Panniers and I just might know what you're looking for.
This site is in German and I think they fit:

If it isn't those you're after, then I have another tip:
I wrote with a Karrimor spare part company 6 month ago and they were able to ship those mushroom sized clips.
I will get back to you on that if you want to know more...

Kind Regards
Hi, just seen your posts and wondered if you had found parts or not, as I have trawled the net after the same sort of thing. Basically mushroom shaped part that fits on to the bottom of the rack and bottom of bag then slides over the top to stop it swinging out (an alternative the the old bungey straps that they used to have.) Would be interested to know if anywhere does still hold these simple but sought after part. Thanks Chris
Hi there

Karrimor Panniers

I wondered if someone could pass on the contact details of the Karrimor spare parts company? I have a pair of really good condition Karrimor panniers but I dont have the struts that I need to secure them to the bike rack. Alternatively, does anyone know where I can source these? I have tried Sports Direct, who I believe are now suppliying Karrimor products but unfortunately they were not able to help.

Many thanks ... Liz
Hi there Michael KARRIMOR STRUTS I noticed your posting on Cycling Forum and just wondered if you could forward me the name and address of the company that shipped you the mushroom sized clips some time ago, as I am looking for these for my karrimor cycling bags? Greatly appreciated ... Liz