Karrimor Panniers


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May 21, 2013
Any kind fellow cyslists out there know how I could obtain the 'mushroom clips' that fix on to the old style Karrimor panniers? Many thanks ... Liz, from Angus.
Don't tell me Karrimor panniers went the way of my favorite Hartley Alley Touring Cyclist brand panniers? <sigh> All the good stuff, like TC and Karrimor die way too soon.

Did you try contacting Karrimor directly: http://store.karrimor.com/ ?
Thanks for the message about the panniers, and the Karrimor link. Yes I have tried the Karrimor site and no joy. It is Sports Direct who now own the Karrimor brand, and they do not have the clips in question in stock. Liz
If you post a picture of one of the clips, someone may be able to suggest a source for them or a functional substitute.
Hi everybody! Unfortunately I have damaged the clip holder of the Karrimor bike panniers from my boss. Has anyone one clip to sell? Hope you can help me. Markus
Hi Marcus,

I actually have about a dozen of these hooks, brand new and unused that I acquired a few years ago as just in case spares. None of the mushroom/disc things tho'

How many hooks are you looking for?