Keeping old parts


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Jun 21, 2018
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I noticed, recently, that my Specialized Fatboy was pulling to the left. Figured it must be something to do with the headset bearings so I pulled them out. Sure enough the bottom bearing had lateral play in it; the inner part could be moved with respect to the outer part. Went through hell and high water trying to find new bearings. Finally managed to get the part number from Specialized, then called my dealer. Got the new bearings, yesterday, installed them this morning, and it's a great big, beautiful world once again.

The lower bearing had fine rust around the outside part, so I coated the new one with White Lightning waterproof grease.

Then I cleaned the old bearings (the top one seemed to be in good shape), tied them with a zip tie and put them in my spare parts box. In that box was also my old 10-speed cassette. Why do I keep old parts? I really don't know. Just in case? Does anyone else, here, keep old parts?

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