Keeping Your Weight In Balance



Hi, my name is Melchiseek

Nutrition holds a key to good health and lifelong weight management.

Your body is composed of trillions of living cells that grow, die and are replaced many times over
during your lifetime. These cells need proper nutrition to perform the vital functions of
metabolism, growth, repair, detoxification and reproduction. Unfortunately, the average modern diet
does not always provide you with a correct nutrient balance for ideal good health.

Cellular Nutrition Technology

Herbalife's Thermojectics Weight-Management Program uses three advanced technologies to improve our
nutrition: food science, micronutrients supplementation and herbal science. Scientifically based
formulas are at the very heart of Herbalife's Thermojetics Weight-Management Program. They allow you
to reduce your caloric intake while maintaining the vitamins, minerals and nutrients essential to
good health. We provide these factors in an easily digestible form, so that your cells can function
at their highest level of efficiency.

Cell Activators

So many people believe that the body efficiently and completely absorbs all the nutrients from food
and supplements. However, nutrient absorption may be diminished and impaired by poor eating habits,
persistent dieting, stress or other factors. A key difference with Herbalife's products is the
inclusion of natural enzymes and herbs that act as cell activators. These cell activators aid
digestion and further improve your health and vitality.

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