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Subject: Help me, please!
Newsgroups: alt.recovery.panic-anxiety.self-help

I have suffered Panic Attacks for over 20 years.
One year of therapy, tried all kinds of meds. Paxil,
Zoloft, Prozac, Ativan, Valium, Xanax, and some
I cant even pronounce. You name it, I tried it. I was
told to Learn how to accept what is happening and Know that it isn't
life threathening. obviously the therapists who said
that never had a panic attack. It's like telling a person he's having
a massave heart attack but not to worry. I have read story after
story about individuals experiences and yet all similar but different
in the sense of the extreme of the attack. What works for one
may not be good for another. My experiences ranged from being
in a restaurant and having to run out because of embarrassment
or fear of dying or waking up in the middle of the night with a full
blown panic attack. Or riding my bike and thinking that I'm nude and
riding side streets trying to get home.
Watching TV and just the excitement of a movie
brought one on. Sitting in a barbers chair and had to leave because
I felt it coming on. And the list goes on and on. The best part is I'm
not afraid of anything and do what I want inspite of the attacks.
Problem is I found no better solution then taking some kind
of drug to decrease that racing feeling that goes through my body. And
as usual, every drug has a drawback. Most are for depression but think
about it. In order to eleviate the depression, Prozac and all the rest
take feelings from you. After all, isn't that what their supposed to
do? Now you feel like doing absolutly Nothing. This all may seem
very depressing and it's not what I'm trying to convey, but these are
the facts. Some meds. may work wonders for years when you find the
right combination for You. For two years I didn't suffer one attack
using 20 mil. of paxil and two mil. of ativan. Then out of nowhere,
there it was again a full blown panic attack. So back to the Dr. and
changing back to zoloft but adding clonazepam which seems to be
calming my insides pretty well. Now after all that, the Good news.
There is Nothing wrong with us mentally and do not feel or let Anyone
tell you otherwise. It's some kind of imbalance that we are
unfortunate to have without knowing why or where it comes from.
Whatever you do, never give up because you still can maintain
an almost normal life. For some it even goes away and never returns.
For me I live with it and don't let it get me down. Sure theirs things
I cant do like going on an airplane so I just don't go.(I hate flying
anyway:) Moral of the story? Find what works for you and don't be
afraid to do things that you really want to do and Never give up.
Right now I enjoy my computer and riding my bike which keeps me busy
and to be honest, I'm perfectly happy. Well withe the exception of a
little nooky nooky every now and then:)
So I cant go on a roller coaster: Who cares! I
sincerly wish All the very Best of luck and if I can help in anyway,
I'd be more than happy to do whatever I can. My prayers go out
to you all. {Hang In There}

Ken Papai
"ride ride ride let it ride"
Doobie Brothers

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