Kestrel 200sc carbon fiber


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Jul 31, 2010
To start off, I'm a 20 year old college student living on the west coast of florida. Since the disastrous oil spill in the Gulf took place I've been cycling to lots of destinations close enough to me. The way I see it is, every mile that I ride instead of drive is just one less mile that is dependent on foreign oil. I've really enjoyed it quite a lot as its great exercise and definitely makes me feel like I'm becoming part of the solution. In my area everyone and their brother are complaing about this disaster yet they still drive their V-8 trucks and seem careless to their CO2 impact.

I'm looking to get into cycling at a little higher level and looking to upgrade my mountain bike to something a little more suitable for the roads. I consistently put in 20+ mile rides on a cheapo mountain bike and I definitely think its time to move on to something faster. A local guy in my area buys and sells used bikes and I've talked to him and he has a few bikes in my size which is 60cm.

The kestrel 200 sc carbon fiber which is the most expensive will cost me about 500-600 depending on how much i can negotiate with him. The bike is fully equipped with all dura ace components and campagnolo wheels.

The other bike I looked at was an older cannondale tri bike that was about half the price. It's definitely not as nice and it has campagnolo components on the bike.

All the bikes I looked at can be seen at his website which is:

I'm looking for some direction from some more experienced cyclists and any help is greatly appreciated.
The Kestrel bike where nice. You just have remember that this is a used bike that is about 10 years old. The Dura Ace is a nice group but the group on the bike is out dated and will be hard to find good parts for. The saddle would have to go also. Last but not least does the bike fit you? To fit a 60cm frame you need an inseam of about 37".
Thanks for the help! I'm 6'4" with a 36.5 inseam. So with that bike being as old as it is, what do you think about a windsor fens from bikes direct. The fend is a full 105 bike and would run me 699.
Have you ridden the Kestrel? If you have like it I would have no problem with it. You can always upgrade down the road. I have an 85 Fuji Club that has seen many upgrades and still rides great, it's just not flashy.
I am all about getting good cheap frames and building them. I have the tools and skill to do so, this save a ton of money.
The only problem with the Fens is it's a triple. You don't need a triple in FL.
I would give the Kestrel a good test ride and then report back.