ketosis + endurance cycling training?

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    Hello Forum.

    I'm touring the Pyrenees in May and am starting to build up my training to meet the demands we expect on the tour.

    Let me describe my current situation if it helps with getting back some advice..

    30 y/o, male, training in NYC, 6'2", current weight: 190 lbs, goal weight: 185 lbs.

    I'd like to be able to build up to riding consecutive loaded 70 mile days, there will be rest days (maybe 1 for every 2.5 days ridden?).

    I can already to a 70 mile day, a century, etc. on my roadie, which is what I'm training on until I complete my touring rig's build.

    Though the longest ride I've done this year though is ~55 miles, it's only because it's still damned cold and early in the season, I had the energy to go much further though I was sore. I road the trainer 2-3/wk in January/February, and I've ridden every 50+ F temperature day outside this year.

    On a particularly cold day last week, I went for a run w/o proper warmup and cramped after I finished at only 1 mile. So I ran a 5k yesterday and the day before with a proper warmup and felt great actually.

    I think the lesson there was cross training, so I plan to do a run at least once a week, particularly when it's still too cold to bike (like today). I plan on 5 workout days a week, maybe 6.

    Finally, and thank you for bearing with me, ​since the last week in January I've been on a ketogenic (essentially atkins/paleo but no fruit allowed) diet with a cheat day (carb loading) once a week, I've dropped 14 lbs so far and have definitely gotten stronger.

    When I'm in Spain/France, however, I have no desire to continue my diet. There is absolutely no chance I'm passing up on delicious food in Basque country.

    So.... I'm looking for advice.

    Stay on the diet, or knowing that I won't be having the same nutritional profile on the tour, switch now. How should I transition? Should I only eat carbs before/during the ride? Does any of this matter?

    tl;dr going on a tour, training now and on keto, need to transition out, when/how