Kettley Thing - cost savings - heads up - you know you want to!! (Judith?!!?)

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> "Judith" <[email protected]> wrote:
> > (I bought a titanium pan last week, so no kettley thing for me!)

> Just as good I reckon. I shall be walking the Challenge with one MSR 1

> pot (with lid) and a spork thingy - that's all.

You'll get on really well with my brother(who incidentally is also doing it
this year). He has a Go-lite rucksack and even when full and inc. tent it
weighs less than 10kg.
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> On Fri, 2 Dec 2005 14:13:18 +0000 (UTC), [email protected] (Rudi
> Winter) wrote:
> >> I've still not decided whether to camp or B&B on the Challenge.
> >> However, a titanium pan is bound to come in handy, whatever I decide!

> >
> >But make sure you do decide. I went for a week this summer (south
> >Wales) and couldn't make my mind up, so ended up carrying a tent *and*
> >spare clothes to be civilisation compatible... Next time it'll be
> >one or the other that's for sure.

> Yes, that sounds like good advice. Having had some very handy route
> advice from a confirmed B&B-er this week, I am now happy that I can do
> the walk without having to carry all my backpacking/camping gear or
> missing out beautiful scenery.
> However, I may take my new (very light) sleeping bag and bivi bag for
> one or two nights minimalist camping. I intend to start carrying the
> sleeping bag and bivi on day walks to get a feeling for whether this
> is a daft/stupid idea or not.

It is quite hard to do the whole route without some overnight equipment
simply because there are large areas where there are no hotels, no B&B and
no bothy. I would advise taking a very waterproof bivvy.