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Discussion in ' archive' started by Rusty, Apr 3, 2004.

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    Today I had a short ride with my KH24, first I got a
    clicking sound, I tried tightening the crank but it didn't
    help. After a while I got a loud scraping sound. This
    scraping sound I could here if I held the uni up in the air
    and rotated the wheel, I guessed it was something with the
    bearings and carried the uni back home :(. After a bit of
    rest the scraping sound was gone. And I am now left with
    just the clicking sound, what could it be. Is the thing with
    the bearings something I should do something with, or just
    let it be.

    I have been thinking about the possibility of spokes, how do
    I check this?

    Is it possible to overtighten the cranks?

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  2. Unibrier

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    The KH & Summit wheelsets seem to be prone to noise.

    First culprit is spoke tension. On a trip down to jagur-
    land the jagur-miester tensioned the spokes and that
    problem went away.

    The next culprit is the cranks. They started squeaking
    soon there-after. Tightening alone didn't solve the noise.
    I pulled the cranks and re-installed with anti-sieze.
    Problem solved.

    The scraping sound could be from the large, thin, disc-
    shaped spacer. This spacer is basically a dust cap covering
    the bearing holders. It rotates with the axle so if it has
    been bent at all it may scrape against the bearing holder
    part of the frame.

    As for the remaining clicking sound, I don't know. You can
    check the bearing holders to see if they are over tightened.
    I have also had clicking develop in the pedal of my Torker
    DX, that is the same type of pedal as came with my Summit.
    It resolved by itself.

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