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  1. hedge

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    I was thinking of picking up a Kris Holm 20" freestyle. Looks like a
    decent package for $211.00. Anyone ridden one of these? I think that
    it has the same frame as the trials version.

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  3. reidj

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    I bought one of these from It is really a great deal.
    Every component on the uni is top notch (all the way down to the
    Hookworm tire and the newer, more comfortable Kris Holm seat) and the
    black paint job is beautiful. The frame is super tough. The only thing
    I've tweaked is the seatpost clamp: I put too much torque on one bolt,
    but it has two bolts, so the clamp still works fine.

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  4. john_childs

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    Yes, the KH 20" Freestyle uni is a great deal. Quality parts
    throughout. had a KH20 Freestyle on display at NAUCC in
    Salt Lake City. I liked it.

    It's only quirk is that it has the same style of crown as the KH20
    Trials frame. It has a flat crown and the front of the crown angles
    downward which would make it great for gliding but somewhat questionable
    for standup skills (where you stand on the crown of the frame). If
    you're up to the level of doing standup skills the KH frame may not be
    the best choice. Other than that caveat it's a super unicycle.

    I'm pretty sure that the frame on the KH20 Freestyle is different than
    the KH20 Trials. The main difference would be the bearing clamps. The
    KH20 Freestyle frame would fit a 40mm OD bearing while the KH20 Trials
    frame would fit a 42mm OD bearing. You'd need to confirm with cause I'm just going by what I saw when I saw the uni at
    Salt Lake City. The main thing to realize is that you would not be able
    to fit a KH splined hub in the freestyle frame.

    If I was looking for a new freestyle uni I'd definitely consider the
    KH20 Freestyle. I don't do standup skills and I have no plans to learn
    any standup skills so the angle on the crown would make no difference to

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  5. Dave

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    I have the KH freestyle and am attempting to learn with it. It must be
    constructed very well because it is taking a heck of a beating!
    Mr Holm will want to take it away from me if I don't learn how to stay
    up on it pretty soon! (I think I have to send my Golden Bear golf clubs
    back, too)

  6. hedge

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