KHE vs Primo "The Rod" seatposts

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    The 'KHE Nelson seatpost'
    ( looks very much
    like it has the same design of clamping mechanism as 'the Primo \"The
    Rod\"' ( - can
    anyone confirm this? (I have never seen a KHE in the flesh, only the

    What is the weight of the KHE seatpost like? The Rod is a real clunker -
    way overbuilt in my opinion - and this is why I'm considering replacing
    it with a (hopefully lighter) KHE.

    Any comments/suggestions appreciated.


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    There are lots of BMX seatposts that are very similar to or exactly the
    same as the Primo Rod. It's a generic style BMX seatpost. Almost every
    BMX brand has that same seatpost. The parts from different brands are
    even interchangeable. You can take the guts from one brand and put
    them in the seatpost for another brand. Right now I've got a Primo Rod
    seatpost with SX (a Schwinn brand) guts.

    Where these seatposts differ is usually in their guts. The guts are the
    part that actually clamps on the seat rails. Some will have really
    cheap guts that are basally a pipe cut in half. Others will have more
    nicely formed guts that flow around the rails hold the rails better.
    Others will use aluminum alloy guts that are lighter and that also are
    nicely formed around the rails.

    I've seen the Primo Rod come with a couple different styles of steel
    guts. Some of the guts looked like they could actually damage the rails
    when clamped while others were very good and would cradle the rails
    nicely. Basically you can't tell what you're going to get unless you
    actually see it when you buy it.

    The KHE and the Primo are probably the same. Find out which one has
    better guts and get that one. If you can find a similar seatpost with
    alloy guts you will probably like the alloy guts better.

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