Kickstarter bike too good to be true?

I dunno. Since it's made out of SPAM it's got to be good. SPAM is never too good to be true.

There's lots of $2K tri and TT bikes out there already. And they are Available from reputable manufacturers. Not from SPAMmers.
the pro version looks to be great with decent components but am I just getting wooed by the video? How do I tell if it would be worth the 2K?

Looks interesting, but it's very cheap and that's normally a red flag for me. In saying that, it could be a game changer.

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I wouldn't touch it until it's been out for a year or so.
Plenty of Kickstarter backers have been burned on campaigns that have never been properly fulfilled. It's best to wait it out and see if it does get released, and what the feedback is like among people that have received their bikes.
I'd wait and see with kickstarter projects. I didn't see a listed price on the kickstarter page, but saw it was $2500 on the website. It seems pretty low for a bike from a startup company. I'll keep an eye out for them.
I would never pay 2k for a bike, but if it's worth it maybe I'll give it in a very special occasion. Nevertheless, It's too much for nowadays. Maybe with some more features it's worth it.
It's wiser to wait further or ask more questions to the people involved in this project. Looks neat bu the price doesn't convince of his legitimacy
Its just a generic Chinese frame with built in computer. Take a look at some of the Chinese carbon sites for wheels and framesets and youll likely find the same frame. In my opinion it is over priced for what it is and not cheap. I have seen a few wheel shops source wheels from China, lace in their own spoke and hub choices and label them and then sell their $400 wheels for $1400.