Kidderminster UniMeet this Saturday 18th - who's going?

Discussion in '' started by gkmac, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. gkmac

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    Hi UK riders, another Kidderminster unimeet is coming our way...

    The last one I went to was the well attended one in November, and for
    this person who wasn't in the scene for very long it was fantastic
    meeting everyone I've previously seen on the forums, such as Amanda,
    Trev, keg, gingerfreek, and of course Loosemoose who I met previously,
    showing off his fabulous camera.

    I wonder if there will actually be a Muni ride at Habberley Valley this
    time. XC Muni rides are about the only thing I *can* do, thus I was
    somewhat disappointed to find there wasn't one (as I was the only one
    who brought my Muni). Instead I just had to sit there and watch the
    hours upon hours of hockey. I just hope there will be some other games
    to play other than hockey.

    Who else is coming up? If you reply, I might as well as see you there.


    \"it's a marvellous thing to see, someone in full flight on the
    unicycle.\" - stuart maconie, radio 2
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  3. gingerfreek

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    i probably cant this time as my bro is coming back from america that day
    so i should probably hang around to see him. robin and rachael are
    though, i think, so expect to see them there.



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  6. phil

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    Ooo, I hadn't noticed there was a unimeet. I could be persuaded to go
    for a muni ride without too much difficulty... :)

    Strangely enough the day after the last one I was supposed to be going
    biking in Wales with friends, but due to broken cars we didn't make
    it... guess what we've got planned on Sunday! Fingers crossed nothing
    goes wrong this time...



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  10. gkmac

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    Looks like it's going to be a quiet one...

    It'll be my third unimeet, but the first in which I'll attempt to drive
    there on the day itself, as opposed to staying in a B&B in Stourport on
    Friday night.

    I'd say see y'all tomorrow, but looking at the replies... :confused:


    \"it's a marvellous thing to see, someone in full flight on the
    unicycle.\" - stuart maconie, radio 2
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  11. gkmac

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    Well I went. It was quiet, but not as quiet as the first one I went to
    last July, hence there were just enough people for some hockey.

    I had nice chats with keg, steve.colligan and Robin & Rachel, who
    showed me how to walk a tightrope (well I couldn't walk it, but got the
    hang of wobbling on the spot). I now know why Robin (gingerfreek's
    friend) doesn't hang out in these forums, he doesn't have a computer.

    I also met phil; and persuading him to go for a Muni ride with me
    wasn't difficult at all (although we were the only two that went). He
    tried to find a route that he took when a past BUC was held there, he
    couldn't remember any sights but it gradually became more familiar to
    him. Because we turned off the road before the turnoff we were meant
    to, it turned out we were doing the route... backwards.

    Just as well as there was an extended downhill on sand which I got
    halfway down before the first UPD, but even being downhill I had to
    walk the rest as it seems that if the wheel stops in sand, it never
    goes again. Slightly embarrasing to see him ride some sections I
    couldn't, but I still enjoyed it very much. (Can you send me those
    pictures you took of me, phil?)

    The other big highlight was trying a Coker for the very first time.
    Very imtimidating, hard to get on and hard to get moving, but the two
    times I did get moving it felt like it was riding itself, taking me
    very very quickly up & down the car park. I didn't catch the name of
    it's owner who let me have a go, but big thanks to him. I think a Coker
    would be too intimidating for me, I'd love to try a 29er sometime...

    Next one's on Saturday March 25th, and they're going to try and make it
    a marathon hockey session in the big hall.


    \"it's a marvellous thing to see, someone in full flight on the
    unicycle.\" - stuart maconie, radio 2
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  12. cathwood

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    I'm glad you had a good time. I had a bit of a cold so couldn't face 4
    hours of unihockey. I went for a gently xc on my new 29er instead. Also
    had my first go at riding on the sand. It was great fun. And when I
    fell off, it didn't hurt. I laughed myself silly.


    PS I will definately try to come next time


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