Kill three people - get a £2000 fine

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    04 outlines the latest example of pandering to motorists by
    the courts.

    A few extracts.

    >Ruth Inglis, a lawyer who works for the Scottish Executive,
    >was fined £2000 and disqualified for two years after
    >pleading guilty to careless driving on the A1 near Dunbar
    >in September 2002.

    >Mrs Whales, who lives in Joppa with her husband and two
    >children, added: "The family are up in arms about the
    >sentence and the way they feel they have been let down by
    >the justice system."

    And the most sickening nonsense of all is the following:

    >Inglis’ lawyer, Govan MSP Gordon Jackson QC, told the court
    >she had been punished by having the threat of prison
    >hanging over her.

    Gosh, that's such a hard punishment.

    The three dead were in another car.

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