Killer bridge on a fat bike


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Jun 21, 2018
I took the fat bike to Clearwater Beach, yesterday, a round trip of 34 miles. The beach is an island connected to the mainland by an enormous bridge. After reaching the beach I turned around and had to face that bridge, again. I found a video taken by somebody driving over it, but it doesn't show how high it is; I'd guess it's at least a 100 feet. By time I'd crossed back over it, I wasn't feeling so great, and I still had a lot more miles to get back home. The video begins in downtown Clearwater near the Scientology complex, and it's three miles from there to the beach. A four and a half hour ride with just four quick stops for sips of water, and I lost 8lb by time I got home. Not bad going for a old geezer of 72 years of age.

See the video here
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