Kissena 'Pro' Team Title Sponsor Announced

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Sharon Peters

And the winner is:


I think they a new NYC on-line dating service. I heard from somebody that Unattached is the service
where Davis met that hot lawyer chick.

And not only did they announce the title sponsor, but the 'go to guy' on the team, Peter "I won a
world championship racing for Poland but I know Greg Avon pretty well" Mazur made the poduim at the
Valley of The Sun stage race. From

Results (unofficial/provisional) Pro 1 Men

1 Sandy Perrins (USA) Healthy Choice - G 26.24 2 Aaron Olsen (USA) Schroeder Iron Pro 0.16 3 Peter
Mazur (Can) Unattached 0.22


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I think Joe Chapman from here in Otago, New Zealand has a contract with Kissena-Sports for 2003. He
got mostly top-20 finishes in the races he rode in the US last year. STF

or from annoucement of the team.

I very much like the part about Rock stars Rock n Rolers and Spandex!!!!!!!! Mazurs dad is even a
sponsors of the team so I have no clue how his own son can be "unnattached" Funny

Davis Hamerville

Kissena Sports Announces LeMond Fitness - Blender Magazine Cycling Team By:

In the extremely competitive and ever growing US Professional Cycling Peloton certainly the most
intriguing team to enter the foray will be the new LeMond Fitness-Blender Magazine Professional
Cycling Team, which will make its first appearance on the national racing circuit in 2003.

LeMond Fitness and Blender Magazine are the primary sponsors for this new New York based UCI
Division III pro team, and Kissena Sports is grateful to have them on board.

Spawned from long-time amateur powerhouse, the Kissena Cycling Team, a program that has groomed such
professional riders as tour veteran George Hincapie and world champion Peter Mazur, the move into
the pro ranks was inevitable. With the support of its sponsors the team intends to focus on the U.S.
National Racing Calendar, which begins in March with California's Pomona Valley Stage Race.

LeMond Fitness brings to the team not only financial, technical and equipment support in association
with LeMond Bicycles, but most importantly the priceless input of Americas three-time Tour De France
champion and two-time World Champion, Greg Lemond, who will play a key role within the team as the
senior advisor. The partnership between Greg LeMond and Kissena Sports was a natural one, since both
share a common philosophy: to focus on younger up and coming talent. To that end, the organization
will attempt to identify promising cyclists and create a network of young cycling talent that will
act as a "farm system" to the rosters of the elite amateur and professional teams.

Blender Magazine, seeking exposure outside the traditional mediums of the entertainment industry has
recognized the value in affiliation with a well-run professional cycling organization. Lance Ford,
Executive Vice President of Dennis Publishing, the publisher of Blender Magazine sums it up
perfectly; "Rock n rollers have always enjoyed dressing in multi-colored spandex, so the tie-in with
a cycling team seems like a natural fit (excuse the pun). That and the fact we see cycling as an
emerging sport, almost x-treme in some regards when you understand what it takes to ride up a
mountain, then careen down the other side in a tight bunch of 200 riders, elbows and nobbly knees
flying! This kind of adrenaline is consistent with what Blenders young, active demographic considers
entertainment. Kissena Sports intends to build a long term, mutually beneficial relationship with
Blender, one of the newsstands hottest periodicals.

The American-Italian Cancer Foundation (AICF) will be an Honorary Sponsor of the team. Benetton, USA
is funding the team's efforts to assist the Foundation. The team will help in fundraising for the
AICF, raise awareness of its free cancer screenings and promote cancer education.

2003's line-up will see a mix of younger riders looking to develop and experienced veterans who will
act as their mentors. The team's Captain, Bill Innes has long been a fixture on America's podiums,
with a Silver Medal at the National Criterium Championships and wins in some of the Northeast's
toughest Road Races to his credit. Former pros Andy Crater (Ofoto) and Marco Aledia (Shaklee) add
plenty of finishing speed and some track flavor to the team, while Eneas Freyre has been tearing up
the roads of the Northeast for the past 2 seasons. The team's emphasis on youth is demonstrated by
the inclusion of 2003 Australian Under-23 Time Trial Champion Adrian Laidler.

In addition to the pro squad, Kissena sports will maintain it's feeder team, the Kissena Cycling
Team; these amateur racers will race many of the same events as the pro team in order to gain the
experience and exposure of top level competition. Both squads are currently attending a training
camp in Tucson, AZ and will make their team debut at the Valley of the Sun Stage Race this weekend
in Phoenix.


Lemond Fitness, Blender Magazine, American Italian Cancer Foundation (Honorary Sponsor), Mazza
Consulting, King Capital, Aardvark Consulting, MAL Capital, Velocity, La Bicyclette Brasserie,
Trilogy Capital,, Passerelli Landscaping Services and R&A Cycles graciously
support the Lemond Fitness-Blender Magazine Cycling Team.

The Lemond Fitness-Blender Magazine Cycling Team's equipment needs are generously met by Lemond
Bicycles (Bicycles), Spinergy (Wheels), Profile (Bars and Stems), Northwave (shoes), Limar
(Helmets), Rudy Project (glasses), DeFeet (apparel) and Nokian (tires). Coaching services will be
supplied by Mirek Mazur (

LeMond Fitness-Blender Magazine 2003 Roster

Team Advisor: Greg LeMond Team Director: Greg Avon Team Co-Director: Tym Tyler Assistant Team
Director: Alex Weil Director of Operations: Suzanne Timmerman Marketing Director: Keith Miller


Bill Innes (USA), Team Captain Marco Aledia (USA) Nic Brown (AUS) Joe Chapman (NZL) Andy Crater
(USA) Eneas Freyre (USA) Matt Hawkins (USA) Adrian Laidler (AUS) Sean Nealy (USA) Leigh Palmer (AUS)
Brendan Shipp (AUS)


Chris Beardsley Breeze Keller Keith Miller Marc Lanoue Anthony Taylor Alex Weil

For more information visit

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> I think Joe Chapman from here in Otago, New Zealand has a contract with Kissena-Sports for 2003.
> He got mostly top-20 finishes in the races he
rode in the
> US last year. STF
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