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    > --
    > Chief Inspector, Kent Constabulary (Fashion Division)

    Prescriptivist or Descriptivist force ?

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    citizen142 wrote:

    > Assuming staying in reasonable hotels or accommodation of some sort
    > every night what is the minimum weight you think you could get away
    > with?

    Twenty years ago I could get away for a week's hostelling tour with a
    decent sized saddlebag. Nowadays I find I need a pair of panniers for
    the same period, especially touring in the UK. As well as the panniers I
    use a saddlebag for things needed during the day (food, tools,
    waterproofs, spare clothing etc). I think it's because nowadays we stay
    in tidy B&Bs or small hotels rather than hostels, and we don't want to
    end up with smelly clothes by the end of the week.

    There is a picture of my bike in touring rig at (second picture down).

    I don't really subscribe to the minimal approach of washing clothes
    every evening and drying them overnight. In B&Bs in the UK you can't
    really depend on having the drying facilities. Warm dry days and
    evenings have been a rare treat on our UK tours. I might think
    differently if I toured somewhere nearer to the Med.

    We carry enough gear to last us 3 or 4 days and have a launderette stop
    midweek if we can find one. It is nice to schedule a day off the bike
    for sightseeing and relaxing. Touring in this way we don't really need
    any more for longer trips. We went away for five weeks in 1999 with no
    more gear than you can see in the picture.