Kitsune brings out new ENERGY BOOST snack

Discussion in 'Australia and New Zealand' started by Stefan Fox, Jun 29, 2003.

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  1. Stefan Fox

    Stefan Fox Guest

    Kitsune Foods Inc. from Canada, is a developer and marketer of ENERGY BOOST active life style
    natural and herbal snack/ sport energy foods and confectionery formulations and functional food
    products under our own brand or licensing for secure private label use using snacks, confectionery,
    chewing gums, beverages and baked goods under other companies brands.

    Strong profits,spiffs, incentives and possible secure territories available world wide.

    Press releases from:

    FOOD & DRINK EUROPE, one of Europe's top food sector industry hub releases the news or our new

    PROCESSEDFOOD.COM, America's top industry journal gives a thumbs up to Kitsune new product entries.

    OUTDOOR MAGAZINE spreads the word on Kitsune Lozenges and cool new products coming out over the next
    5-18 months.

    The Website

    The Contact for business:
    Mr.Stefan Fox President [email protected] TEL: +1 514 484-9606

  2. Chris Baird

    Chris Baird Guest

    Everyone should feel free to complain to <[email protected]>.

    (If you're going to spam Usenet with fragrantly commercial messages and violate the guidelines of
    the aus.* hierarchy by posting such outside of*, Stephan, at least don't do it from your
    real account..)

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