Kiwi Whispers


New Member
Dec 9, 2003
There's a Big Staunch solid as a rock Kiwi fella at the bar... and a Scrawney little Gay fella.
The Gay fella waltzes over to this Kiwi, swings an arm around him and starts to whisper in his ear.
A few seconds later WHAM! the gay fella gets thrown across the room and the Kiwi fella is in hot persuit, he's throwing lefts, he's throwing right's, he's throwing tables and chairs and uppercuts untill eventually he throws the gay fella outside.
He turns around and walks back to his seat up at the bar,
where the bartender asks "what did the Gay fella say?"
to which the Kiwi replies "something about a job!"
Lol! Oh no that is funny. The Kiwi. I'm wondering how the the NZ's got the nickname kiwi??

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