Kmart selling 01 TDF videos! Is it a "good thing"?

Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by Justafan, Mar 2, 2003.

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    Because it would seem to confirm that one of the effects of OLN's coverage (a good thing) is that
    World Cycling's current sale is in fact a "going out of carrying cycling videos" sale (a bad thing).

    If you do a google search for "cycling videos", you may find alot of small bike-related links, but
    many ONLY offer 1 or 2 TDF videos/dvd's. At least when WorldCycling had a de-facto monopoly, they
    used to offer alot of different races every season.

    If you look at their site now, the only 2002 races were the spring classics, and the TDF (which was
    about the time all these other places started appearing). Their last Vuelta video was 1999. Their
    last Giro: 2000. Their last Worlds Road Race: 2000.

    I think it is not "a good thing" because it's a sign that the ONLY video coverage available to US
    cycling fans will be on OLN. Not everyone can even get OLN.

    And if/when the commercial revenues don't meet projections or cover the cost of "renting"
    (Eurosport's?) video feeds, OLN may just pull the plug and stop carrying everything (except the TDF,
    and maybe not even that if/when Lance retires or stops winning).

    Now THAT would not be "a good thing".... :-(

    In article <[email protected]>, [email protected] says...
    > "
    > > Now online at, 2001 TdF DVD's:
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > > Is it a "good thing"?
    > Why would it be bad?
  4. Yup I agree that WCP videos going the way of the dodo is not such a good thing. They have certainly
    cut back on their offerings. I thought that when they finally went with dvd versions in 2001 that it
    meant they were going to be ramping up again - apparently not. They have certainly recognised the
    dwindling of that side of their business by expanding into the more mainstream cycling mailorder
    offerings - bikes and lots of clothing.

    I have found a solution though. I have started to get dvds from a dude out in WA called Bicivideo.
    He gets loads of coverage from europe that he duplicates and sells on in a very reasonable and
    timely manner. He has different membership tiers and dvd prices range from $20 and down, depending
    on your choice. The coverage is great. I just got a batch of cyclocross dvds. Those races are
    fantastic to watch - lots of action. The road action he gets is from Eurosport. It's the same feed
    as OLN gets but without all the crazy editing. It's fascinating to watch a race like Flanders or
    Roubaix develop in its entirety. You won't have to wait four months as you did with WCP though. He
    usually has his coverage ready to go no more than three weeks after it happens. Maybe WCP slow
    demise isn't that related to OLN and such but more so to their long long production times. Afterall
    who wants to watch a race that happened six months ago? The excitement has gone by that point.

    I think the email for bicivideo if you want to inquire is [email protected]
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