Knee, Elbow Protection


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Sep 13, 2015
I just started cycling (as a sport that is, I rode bikes for transportation years ago), and am a casual cyclist.

Last Saturday I went cycling the second time on a trail, and already had an accident. I happened when I tried to pass someone on the left, ended up going too close to the edge of the concrete trail, and got off of it. It was really close, to the point I thought I'm not going to go off, so I tried to get back in, and that was a mistake. I fell first and the guy I tried to pass crash into me. The crash wasn't bad, since the guy had time to brake, but I lost some skin on my knee and palm due to the fall, my bike also had some scratches.

It wasn't really serious, but was pretty nasty looking, and very unpleasant. As of now I'm still trying to do everything with left hand only, and I can foresee that I'll be partially disabled for may be a week. It's too much trouble for a hobby.

This made me think if I should wear some protective gears, such as knee and elbow protection, and gloves. I started reading this forum to see what other, more experienced people are doing, but looking at pictures of you guys cycling, I find nobody wears them, or may be just the gloves. Is it that these are not very useful for you guys? I do realize that my mistake is avoidable, and an experienced cyclist probably would very really had such accidents, so for them knee and elbow protections are probably useless most of the times.
Hey Bigsmile, Definitely wear gloves but as for knee pads, pass because you it could really mess with your pedaling and elbow pads would really mess your tanlines. Work on bike handling skills like going really slow like super slow turning and going in a straight line.
I think if you are a casual cyclist, knee and elbow protection are just going to be too much of a hassle to invest and use regularly, and I do believe that the mistake you make is something that you can just learn to avoid. Even then, I can't remember the last cyclist I have seen using knee guards - since they clunk up the motion of pedaling so much. Feel free to try it if you want to.
More gear worn can be a comfort and clutter hassle at times. I don't think they are a bad idea, just a tad inconvenient at times. I have used them on longer rides or off road a few times, but don't generally wear any safety equipment beyond a helmet and appropriate clothing for the weather and lighting.
I think it's perfectly okay to wear knee and elbow pads when you're still new to cycling. You're bound to have a few minor accidents when you're still new to cycling. Therefore it's a good idea to have some form of protection to reduce those nasty scrapes when a mishap occurs. But once you get more proficient and confident with your cycling skills, it's time to ditch the pads as they can be annoying and uncomfortable to wear. Just ride cautiously and keep to a reasonable speed.
Today I rode again, and I was wearing something similar to these. I think it's pretty good. You quickly get used to it and won't feel anything.

Sorry about the bail.

Biggest thing I would say to invest in would be gloves as they will stop you losing skin in the event of another bail and will also help against getting any blisters.

Knee pads and arm pads I'll admit I've never considered because I feel quite protected with whatever long-sleve top I have and the jogging bottoms I have on, but it's nice to see you've now got something that works for you.

Happy riding! :)
Thanks Susimi.

I also bought a pair of gloves and wore them today. But as many other cyclists also wear them so I didn't specifically mention them.

Losing skin is nothing compared to broken bones or worse, but it's very painful and one week past my wounds are still taking time to heal. I bought the knee pads in Walmart last night. Since as I said they are not that cumbersome, they are keepers. I didn't buy elbow pad because those in Walmart didn't fit me. I may considering buying some online. I didn't injure my elbow when I fell last week, but I had an nasty abrasion on my right elbow from riding bicycle when I was teenage (the scar is still visible now I'm 40), and thus I consider it's a possibility.