Knee pain after longest ride


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Sep 15, 2004
I've only been cycling now for about 3 months and I did a 60 mile (relatively flat with some minor hills) yesterday. Today I feel a sharp pain in both knees (inner, front meniscal area I think) when I get up from a chair or sofa. Do you guys think that my seat could be too far forward, forcing me to put too much pressure on the knees? I had the bike "fitted" by a LBS a few months ago. One other thing that I changed was my shoes. Could it be that the cleats are positioned correctly? I have a fitting scheduled on Thursday at another shop and I just thought I'd get your opinions before I go in.
I had the exact same thing happen recently after my longest ever ride, though it was only in my left knee. I did a lot of research on the matter and have concluded that my seat was too low and a little too far forward. Moving my seat seems to have remedied the situation, although my knee still feels a little weak. Hopefully this change will keep me from continuing to strain the patellar tendon and allow it to heal completely. I am also wearing a knee strap-type brace on that knee, which seems to help as well.

Hope this helps!