Knee problem?

Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by Ed Stevens, Mar 9, 2003.

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  1. Ed Stevens

    Ed Stevens Guest

    My wife, daughter and I are recreational roadies. During the "season" (April to Oct) we get in 100
    to 150 miles per week riding 4 days a week, but between Nov and March only get out on the occasional
    reasonably warm Saturday or Sunday -- so we haven't ridden much the last 3 months.

    Yesterday was one of those unseasonably warm days, so we went out for an 18 mile spin. I felt no
    discomfort during the ride and had several miles left in me at the end. I failed to stretch aftward,
    and later that afternoon developed severe cramp in my right calf. Took some Ibuprofen, had my wife
    rub it down with Icy Hot, and gimped around in a lot of pain until I went to bed.

    When I got up this morning, the cramp was gone, but the lower outside edge of the knee, about where
    the top of the calf muscle attaches felt like it had taken a whack. My wife seems to think some
    adjustment to my bike may have caused my peddeling stroke to have changed. This was the first time
    on the bike after getting it back from the shop for its annual tune-up. I'm still using the same
    peddles (spd) and shoes, so the only thing I can think is perhaps the seat hight might need


  2. Joel Mayes

    Joel Mayes Guest

    In article <[email protected]>, Ed Stevens wrote:


    > the seat hight might need adjustment.
    > Comments?

    My exact thought when I read the subject

    100% of any knee pain I've had when riding has been caused by bad placement of the seat
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