Knee Trouble (may be chondromalacia)

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    Aug 7, 2004
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    I don't have a psysician's definitive diagnosis but do have what I think may be choldromalacia. I've had on-and-off-again ever so slight pain for the better part of a year after I put a bit too much weight on the Leg Extension machine at the gym. I have started doing leg raises (x200 per day) to strengthed the VMO and also work the other Quads and Hamstrings at the gym. When I started working the VMO the pain vanished and I was able to bicycle to my heart's content!!! :)

    Over time the ever so slight pain returned and became a little more than ever so slight. Presently. when I bend my knee on its own power (ie. I don't pull it) just about as far as it will go back I feel my patella click or snap ever so slightly. The other side does not do this (as much or as soon into the repetitive test). I have started stretching in ernest, hoping this will correct the problem. I also wear a tight Dr. Cho-Pat dual action knee brace when riding.

    I just started distance riding (40 miles x4/week) and the pain, improper tracking, seems to be getting worse. :confused: Are there any further steps I can take to prevent any progression of this condition. Anybody else out there have something like this?

    BTW, prior to finding out about the VMO exercise I didn't ride much, only able to keep myself mildly fit via gym stationary exercise bicycles.

    Mike W.