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Sep 20, 2002
Sorry if this has been done before; had a quick look, but I'm supposed to be at work at the moment :)<br /><br />What knicks do you all ride with, and why? Personally I use Cannibal and Pearl Izumi, and some Endura knicks that I picked up in the UK. These things have a double layer, and are more so aimed at mountain bikers, but I use them on the road bike on those :eek: kind of mornings.
I use 2 local (South African) brands. Anatomic and Slick. I've used Anatomic for years and have found that they are VERY comfortable. The Slick's is excellent when it comes to handeling any type of water, i.e. sweat or rain. I've used the shorts during a triathlon (the swim) and the whole thing was dry withing 10 minutes on the bike
I have a pair of Cyclone Gold lable bibs that I bought 8 years ago. It's still got a real chamois in. Okay I did not use it for 5 years but it's still my favourite. I got me a pair of Nalini bibs aswell. Also with a leather chamois. I love it and strugle to ride with these material padded shorts. I use my Velotex shorts (with material padding) only for spinning class.