Knocked Off By A Cat


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Jan 18, 2010
A friend of mine took a trip over his handlebars a few days ago on his way to work, because of a cat. He'd approached a part of the road that goes down into a steep dip and is followed by a steep rise. The statergy of cyclists when hitting this stretch of road is to cycle hard down the hill to gain enough momentum to carry you halfway up the other side. He'd built his momentum up and was doing about 26 when a cat ran in front of him. He couldn't avoid the cat so hit it and went over the handlebars, sustaining juries to his elbows and legs. Fortunately nothing too serious. Had to take a few days off work though. The cat apparently just got up, shrugged and ran off. If you live around the Leeds area and your cat has a tyre maek down its back you know what happened.