Knoxville: local cyclists seek enforcement of existing traffic laws

John Snort

New Member
May 13, 2016
Knoxville cyclists seek enforcement of existing traffic laws and on Monday about 30 cyclists here a "ride for justice." The purpose of the ride was to bring awareness to cyclists hit by motorists who didn't face serious charges.
more often than not when a cyclists is hit that there are no charges against the driver. There are laws that are existing now. We just want the laws to be implemented."
Hopefully Knoxville will start enforcing existing traffic laws to protect cyclists.
The busiest thoroughfare here has the motorcycle lane which is for use of motorcycles and bicycles. However, that lane which is clearly marked is also being used by vehicles. I don't know if that lane is for the exclusive use of 2-wheels but I think it should be exclusive to 2-wheels. What happens now is that the 2-wheels seldom use that lane because of the vehicles sharing that lane. I'm sure that bike lane was meant for the protection of the 2-wheel riders.

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