Koobi PRS saddle ... opinions?

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Big Lou from Brooklyn

Koobi PRS saddle ... good? bad? worth the $110 bucks?


I've started using one, mostly to keep all the plumbing functional as per
manufacturers specifications. I must admit, the elastomers really do soften
the ride, and the centerline cut out keeps everything working as it should
with no nether regioin numbness.

I was on a Fizik Arione, which I liked with regard to sit-bone comfort more
than this, however, now that I have the saddle more dialed in, I am coming
to love the PRS, and coming home from a 4 hour ride with a fresh back and
not feeling beat up by the road.

Its a little heavier than the arione, but given the alternative ;) its no

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> Koobi PRS saddle ... good? bad? worth the $110 bucks?

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