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    Jan 31, 2002
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    OK, so I've made up my mind. The Jock is out this year. I just won't be ready for the 150km hell ride.

    So, the other long one, the Kremetart, is now the challenge. Fit I can be yes, but know about long races I don't. :D

    It works as follows:
    4 Stage race:
    Stage 1: 53km
    Stage 2: 47km
    Stage 3: 52km
    Stage 4: 20km
    The route has "one" climb :rolleyes: (or so they say).

    Now the questions:
    1. Eating. What should I eat. I've done plenty 100-120km races, but never 4 "races" in one day. (The organizers give you chow between stages)
    2. Preperation on the day. My fitness shouldn't let me down, but what about carbo loading? Can anyone give me an idea on how to load for such a race.
    3. Racing speed. On a 100km you do 30km/h avg. But what about 180km?
    4. Hydration. What should I drink? What type of carbo drink should I look at?

      Has anyone done the race? What's it like?