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    Jan 4, 2004
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    I am about to buy a Kuota Kharma frame. i normally ride a 58cm Coppi Altec Plus 2 and a Cannondale CAAD3 in 58cm.Both date back to 2000 and 1998 respetively. Check my signature.
    I have considered the following frames:
    trek 5000
    pinarello Paris 05
    Pinarello Prince SL 05
    Calnago Mix
    Colnago Dream Colnago active
    They all fall between the 1100-2500 euro price parameters (1 euro=$1.3)

    The Kuota Kharma is organic and new. Does anyone out there have one? How does it ride? What are you comapring it to? What sort of rider are you? I climb long long hills at 20kph and tt at 42kph untrained so I need someone with decent experience to lend a hand with feedback on the Kharma. Being based in Europe helps with the price issue.
    So please anyone out there who has one or who is about to buy one let me know why what ect etct etc. I think the total weight for the frame, fork, headset,seatpost is 1950g on a medium which isnt bad? (seat post 415g, frame 1260g, fork 415g with h/set included).
    Anyone know the total weight for frame and fork for the trek 5000? I have only ridden a carbon fibre bike for a few hundred metres and am a dyed in the wool aluminuim coloumbus rider (altec plus 2 or airplane= cos of it's realtivley low and weight and rigidity. Where does a carbon fibre frame take me for climbing etc? I know it all depends on quality of the CF and all the layers etc? I am a 64-67kg climber at 183cm. I am strong enough to ride an 11-23 so taking into account all of this how will the Kharma benefit me over my Cannondale and Coppi aluminium frames?
    many thanks