[quote author=Lab_Rat link=board=19;threadid=968;start=15#21381 date=1033472614]<br />Is anyone going today?<br />[/quote]nope, havnt been in about 2 weeks. tonight I'm doing an easy ride so wont be going to the track.
Hey chaps!<br /><br />I've been a regular at Kyalami for 4 weeks now and am loving it - perfect race training with no traffic.<br /><br />I'll be there Tuesday - who else is going to be there?<br /><br />Me: red/white Linden Cycles kit (it says BITE ME on the back of the shorts!). Red/black Look and white Limar helmet.<br /><br />Ouzo - you gonna wear your sticker again so I can find you?
I was there yesterday. Sorry, I was on study leave so didn't access the web at all. I saw Jaco there though.<br /><br />I'm going this afternoon again. I'll be wearing MSC kit. Red and Black with KHS branding.<br /><br />Recovery ride for me today as I did loads of strength work yesterday.
Guys, remember Kyalami will be close on Thurday. Thanks LR for reminding me yesterday, I'd probably rock up there infront of closed gates.<br /><br />Eldron, if you were the fella on the LOOK bike I saw you. In fact you might recall a fella that misjudged the one corner and briefly went offroad - well, that was me :-[ Shees, I really thought I was going down ;D Guess the loose gravel on the tar (and the speed) cause me to rather go straight.<br /><br />Btw, nice bike. <br /><br />Due to work commitments I'll be sitting out t'day...
Jaco,<br /><br />Yeah I remember! You came shunting down the mine shaft and carried a wee bit too much speed through (over?) the chicane!<br /><br />Just as well that I jumped on the net - have bike in car and ready for Kyalami.....guess it's going to be another indoor session tonight (BORING!!!).<br /><br />Thanks - I got the Look in the UK - I've only seen one other in SA so I feel kinda exclusive hehehe.<br /><br />See y'all next Thursday.....<br />
I have a really boring financial meeting tonight so it's actually worked out ok. Felt absolutely horrible yesterday and thought I was going to pass out due to the heat.<br /><br />Opted to do a recovery ride but had my surges every now and then. I was happy that I still managed to maintain an average spd of over 30.<br /><br />I rode again this morning doing more strength work but kept the pace very civilised (29.5). My legs are really sore now. (Jaco, must be from the big gear hill climbing again. ;) )<br /><br />
Yea, I must say 101kg (all muscle of course ;)) does come in handy going downhill ;D Unfortunatly it's not as handy going uphill - that was proved to me again on Sunday going through Suikerbosrand in the Race for Victory ... and hey, I cycled all the way to the top!<br /><br />Did any of you see Douglas Rider sprinting up the hill on Tuesday :eek:<br /><br />So, tonight I'll go do a spinning class - a bit more exciting than sitting on the trainer - especially when you're on a bike towards the back of the studio ;D