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    On November 2, 2006, the Kyle and Jackie O program on 2Day-FM broadcast the following segment: click here for mp3 file.

    Description by Phuong: " .. I just had a listen to the recording. A motorist calls in and comments on how over the last month when he’s been driving to work down Victoria Rd he’s hit “bloody cyclists” every day - well, “almost hit”, he corrects himself. Kyle talks about how motorists should be able to clip cyclists with their mirrors for taking up a whole lane of traffic.

    Jackie O tries to make a less motorist-biased response by saying that cyclists also get frustrated by being doored, but she also believes cyclists should not be able to take up the whole of the lane. Kyle agrees cyclists should cycle in the gutter. Jackie O then rewards the caller for calling in. Callers just before and just after this caller who talked about a wedding-related topic didn’t receive any prizes for calling in .."

    WoJ blog entry:

    Personally I usually don't have the time for the likes of Sandilands, who plays the "good cop, bad cop" routine with Jackie O. However, if you have opinions about the comments broadcast, please free feel to use the info below.

    Or invite Kyle out for a spin on Sydneys mean streets, maybe he'll be lucky enough to avoid this firsthand:

    Contact 2Day-FM:

    Commercial Radio Codes of Practice - Listener Complaint Form

    ABA Complaints - Radio & television

    For those who came in late ... a bit about anti-cyclist media bias:

    Letter Writing Guide: