Ladies, How Safe Do You Feel Riding A Bike Late At Night?

There is a recent announcement in our village that discourages bikers at night. Not only women but bikers including children. It was due to the incident where a bicycle was snatched (this is not the first time) and the rider was traumatized because the snatcher had a gun. It is a sorry incident that would scare anyone particularly those who ride at night.

Wow, that's a terrible incident! It surely will terrify me as well. I mean, is the bike even that expensive to warrant a gun in the scenario? Or does the victim has other possessions like smartphones or jewelries that might have made him or her a target? I hope the snatcher has been caught or he might victimise other people.:/
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Wow, that's a terrible incident! It surely will terrify me as well. I mean, is the bike even that expensive to warrant a gun in the scenario? Or does the victim has other possessions like smartphones or jewelries that might have made him or her a target? I hope the snatcher has been caught or he might victimise other people.:/

This issue is still ongoing until now. In spite of the roaming security guards, our village is still not secured. Some are even saying that the criminals are also residents, huh. It's a given that you have your phone when you go out of the house so I guess it is not only the bike that is the target of the criminals but also some other valuables of the riders. What gets me is that their target are the women and young riders.
I currently live in China, and I feel 100% safe cycling at night, my biggest worry is distracted drivers rather than crime. I often do it because I have late studio classes and it is the cheapest way to go home. If I were in my home country, I would not even try to risk it.
Interesting thread. For years my ex hesitated to ride at night. We did several recreational rides at night as we lived .5 miles from the Natchez Parkway outside of Nashville Tn. Very little traffic and ultra smooth blacktop.

As time went on she grew more confident and would ride in traffic at night on her own rural or in town. It was gratifying to watch her gain confidence and assertiveness in traffic. She began to ride clipless.

We had a really bright headlight and a couple Cygolite hotshots on the rear. Refective vests, etc.

Suddenly, she decided she wanted to obtain her handgun carry permit and ride armed. I was surprised, but she was ex-military and was confident in the handling of firearms. The upshot was she qualified, received and utilized her 2A rights. She purchased a Kel-Tec P32 .32 Acp. Very light and easy to conceal. Said her confidence went up a 1000%. Admittedly, it's not for everyone, but anyone harassing her to the level of assault is in for a surprise. She's confident and not afraid to use it for it's intended purpose should a situation escalate.
It really just depends on where you live, and women are never really any more in danger than men are in most situations, especially when they are on a bike since it would aid in a quick escape.

I do a lot of night riding, just because I don't like the sun much. I fear wild animals more than I fear something else happening to me.
I do, I think.
I ride fast and not looking at anyone, especially if they are catcalling me. I think it depends on the area, but I don't think I ever felt unsafe while riding at night.
If I was riding with other people I would feel safe but to ride by myself I definitely wouldn't feel safe. There's just way to many risks of riding at night alone and not even just as a female. Being a female though you're looked upon as easy prey and I just wouldn't do it. You hear to many stories of women being out at night alone just walking and things happening to them.
I never ride at night, and seldom even go for a walk after dark, unless I absolutely have to. I live in a pretty nice neighborhood, kind of a low crime area, but still very close to a large, very high crime filled city. For this reason, I feel that it's much safer to move about during daylight hours where I can see everyone and they can easily see me. For some reason, around here a lot of people insist upon walking around at night while wearing dark clothing and nothing reflective. That's not conducive to safety an night.
I don't ride at night simply because I have a fear of the dark. I live in a pretty safe neighborhood, but it's really dark at night and the thought of not being able to see what could be (but probably isn't) lurking in the shadows freaks me out. In the event that I do go out at night, I always keep my mace keychain with me. I used to keep an extendable night stick attached to my bike but I ended up selling the bike and forgot to take it off.
I think it depends on your area, I would feel quite safe cycling at night where I live but I'm sure there are plenty of other areas where that would not be a good idea. I suppose it comes down to individual circumstance and how well you know your area.
I don't usually ride a bike or run at night. I live in a rough city down south and it's not a good idea to be a woman out at night. No one runs or ride bikes at night around here. There are barely cars out on the streets.
I prefer running at night, I'm not sure why, I think it finding more relaxing but I'm lucky to live in an area where I'm able to that fairly risk free.
There are a lot of idle, crazy people nowadays who are basically out there to just cause trouble, why in the world would I go biking at night, what is wrong with doing it while it's day? I really don't get it. If I happen to drive out late in the evening or at night, I see women walking, jogging, cycling all on their own, and I always tell myself that if anything happened to them, the law will be looking for the perpetrator. Ladies how about if we just used a bit of common sense and protected ourselves by being wise and smart, there's no reason on the earth you can give me why any woman would justify cycling at night, it does not really matter even if you are three or four, If someone intends to do harm, nothing can stop them.
Where I live, being in danger from other people, possibly getting attacked, etc., is not actually that much of a problem. I might feel a little nervous riding in a really deserted area, but honestly, I feel like it would be safe enough.

At least, if attackers were all I had to worry about. I wouldn't ride at night because of cars! I'd just feel very nervous about my visibility, even if I had a light of my own and reflectors and was wearing bright clothing. There's only so much a cyclist can do to keep themself safe, and it's not my own ability to increase my safety that I don't trust, it's drivers of cars that might not being paying enough attention! I just wouldn't risk it.
I don't make it a habit to ride late at night. I think it is honesty just too risky. Not only do you have to worry about cars not seeing you, you never really know about creepy people. Maybe I just watched too many Criminal Minds episodes or Dateline episodes, but I would not want to ride at night. I don't think my parents would be happy about it either. And I'm confident my boyfriend wouldn't allow me. If that became the only time I was available, I would look into a membership somewhere with an indoor track or perhaps consider a stationary bike.