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> From: Brian Lafferty ([email protected]) Subject: Re: Making the podium at both Flanders and
> Roubaix (will Boonen
be given a chance to win?)
> Newsgroups: Date: 2003-01-24 16:28:54 PST
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> news:[email protected]...
> > >From: [email protected] (Tony) I started looking at these a result of hearing some people discuss
> > >Tom Boonen s chances to win Paris-Roubaix this year, while riding for Quickstep and Museeuw. If
> > >Johan does pull off the 4th Flanders victory and Boonen is riding well, will Boonen be given a
> > >chance to win Roubaix or will Museeuw, the only rider able to be at the front of both races for
> > >the last 12 years once again claim his role as undisputed team leader?
> > >
> >
> > My guess would be that Boonen would be ordered to give himself up to
> > Museeuw. I think the reasoning would be "You are the future champion.
Show it
> > by helping Museeuw get one last great result. After that the team will
want to
> > work for you." I think that this happens if it is even vaguely possible
> > Museeuw to get the win.
> >
> > Bill C.
> I would look for Museeu to support Boonen at the Ronde in-as-much-as
> Ronde is probably beyond Museeuw's ability to win again, even with
> support. But look for Boonen to support Museeuw in his quest to equal Mr. Paris Roubaix's record
> of four. Museeuw is still the favorite in P-R,
> or without Boonen there.
> Brian Lafferty

Winning Paris-Roubaix would mean that Museeuw would equal Roger De Vlaeminck's success. However
Museeuw said that, "I'd have preferred to win the Ronde for a fourth time compared to a fourth
Paris-Roubaix win...I don't feel at home in Northern France, also because I'm only there once a
year. Well, the Ronde is past. For those who still don't want to believe it: I was sick and that
made me vulnerable in the race."


Museeuw supporting Boonen in Flanders.

I agree! Museeuw was Boonen's lapdog. He fetched water bottles for him, sheltered him from the wind
and softened up the field with his attacks to set up Boonen for the finale.

dreaming. He doesn't know his own capabilities anymore. Sickness. Ha!
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