Lance armstrong podcast


May 17, 2006
Anybody listen so far? I was disgusted by LA's Oprah interview and vowed never to pay any attention to him again. For me, it wasn't so much the doping as it was his smash and destroy defense campaign against anybody who dared tell the truth about what was going on in the sport. However, my buddy asked me whether I had listened to his podcast with Hincapie; Christian VV and Dylan Casey; and told me it was a great epilogue to that era. So out of morbid curiosity, I listened, I have to say, it was pretty compelling stuff. For the first time, in a long time, you didn't hear rock star Lance, Champion Lance, arrogant Lance, defensive Lance, or any of the other unlikable characters he has been over the past decade. Instead, you heard a conversation among four middle age guys with kids who were friends and teammates when they were very young to the very top of the sport. You could hear what it must of been like when they were just kids who met at various development camps and believed that they could conquer the world. Putting aside the doping, they shared those cold mornings waiting to train or on the line ready to start a cold bleak event. They all shared the suffering that comes along with trying to participate in an endurance sport. It was a very human conversation. All I can say, is listen first, judge later, and I would be happy to hear anybody else's thoughts. I found myself reaching my destination and sitting in my car another 30 minutes just to finish it. Very surprising. I know people who worked with LA at Livestrong back in the day, and nobody had a nice word to say about him. Maybe losing everything allowed him to regain just a tiny bit of his soul.

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