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Glenn Stilwell

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Thursday January 16th, 2003. 9am Pacific Time. Lance Armstrong joins Bob Babbitt & Paul Huddle on
"The Competitors". In what has become an annual interview the guys talk with the winner of the 2002
Dirty Duathlon as well as other victories, like a little race called the Tour de France. Lance talks
about his life, on and off the bike, his training, and his team.

Thursday January 16th, 2003. 10am Pacific Time. Tune in Thursday to hear "Live with Pat". Pat's has
rants on everything and anything related to the humorous side of the cycling lifestyle. This week
Pat talks of Jan's transfer status, and the best beer for the cycling palette, and your emails!

Monday January 20th, 2003. 10am Pacific Time. This edition of "Wheels of Steel" features recently
retired National flying 200m record holder Jeff Labauve. He talked about the world of track and what
comes next. Plus we'll discuss the accident that may hinder rising star Floyd Landis, in his bid for
a second TdF start.

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